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To the right you will see a video on how you can earn a new source of income by sharing your art with the world.

Watch the video to see how to set up an affiliate link so that each time you create a new piece of art with your presets you can also earn money from it.

We feel strongly that only people who actually use a product and love it, should be able to promote it.

So if you want to be apart of the community and be one of the creators of the LUT bundle, make a link and start sharing.


Join our telegram group.

What is telegram:

Telegram is like whatsapp, but more of a vibe. For starters, telegram is on the blockchain so all messages are sent securely and privately. Click the button below to download the free telegram app so that we can all come together in a safe space.

Why join the group:

This group chat provides a space for a community of creators to come together online. We can share art and learn from each other instead of compete with one another. Our community is a good place to share your art and get feedback from other talented people. This is also a place for you to get your questions answered or help with your new LUT bundle pack.